"I See" Said The Blind Man

by Fragile X

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Three short stories on how to burn...

These are 3 acoustic tracks that were originally intended to be part of the upcoming Fragile X album, "Glasgow Coma Scale". But i genuinely felt that they didn't quite fit in with the rest of the tracks so instead of discarding the tracks altogether i decided to give them their own little EP.


released July 29, 2012

All lyrics, vocals and music by Fragile X



all rights reserved


Fragile X Glasgow, UK

Organic electronic, analogue, ambient, experimental and acoustic sound designs filtering out of a Glasgow bedroom. Also the founder and label head of the Bricolage netlabel and collective.

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Track Name: An Open Letter
A secret not to be told
Write it on paper and fold
Lick, stick, hide it away
It won't surface until my dying day

It's an open letter to those concerned
Three short stories on how i burn

Guilty with the ink on my hands
Everything's going to plan
Innocent eyes they will read
Of the flames and the lights that i lead

An open letter to those concerned
Three short stories on how to burn

The life and death of a candle
Was too much for this flame to handle
Now i'm melting, i'm melting
I'm melting away

A secret not to be told
Write it on paper and fold
Track Name: Porcelain
I try to drown my sorrows but they float to the top
Of this beer that i'm drink from my favourite tea cup
I'm sitting cross legged on the kitchen floor
Singing along to the songs from the neighbours below

I'm running out of smoke and transparent skin
I'm running low on random, interesting things
I'm running out of money and i can't pay the rent
But i can still afford to buy some green this weekend
I'm sitting cross legged on my bedroom floor
Counting copper and silver for one more score
For one more score

And honestly, i know there could be
Much worse things that happen to me
But in my head, a voice it says
"You're still standing on your own two feet"
I know i'm wrong, i'll admit defeat
I never win when i'm playing for keeps
And honesty, it could be
The worst thing that's happened to be

So i turn out the lights and stumble into bed
And when the morning comes i'll buy a new tea set
Track Name: Crowned
Hands on the glass, face at the window, all alone
Asking when he's coming home
Asking when he's coming home

Stood in the rain, soaked your skin for days
Hoping it would wash away
It'll never wash away

Now you're crowned i know you'll do him proud