Glasgow Coma Scale

by Fragile X

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"Glasgow Coma Scale" is the culmination of a lazy, lo-fi loving, 27 year old introvert spending the dark hours of the weekend recording in a Glasgow bedroom.

All songs were recorded between the hours of 2am-4am on various Saturdays and Sundays over the last 3 months.


released August 26, 2012

All songs written and recorded by Fragile X



all rights reserved


Fragile X Glasgow, UK

Organic electronic, analogue, ambient, experimental and acoustic sound designs filtering out of a Glasgow bedroom. Also the founder and label head of the Bricolage netlabel and collective.

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Track Name: Sequins
I hope tonight, i hope tonight
I have that dream where you are mine
Where every time, every time
I see you swathed in shapes and signs
You mean so much
And you, you mean so much

Fall in line , pass the time
The perfect crime, the perfect crime
And when tomorrow finally comes
Will you stay with me until it's gone?
Track Name: Bipolaroids (Panoramic)
Light falls and it begins to draw
It steals my soul with every frame that's shot
And as we wait for the colours to run free
There's just one thing i'll ask of you for me

Can you cut me out and leave me here?
Make me rough around the edges, trim away my fears
Can you glue me down against the roots and trees?
And carve my name in triumph and tragedy

I'm sorry i didn't look your camera in the eye.

I'm sorry i couldn't look your camera in the eye.
Track Name: Our Indian Summer
We stole your fathers keys when we were stoned.
Packed our guitars, hit the road.
Smoked by the ten until we choked.
Soundtracked by white noise and hope.

We shed our old skin and dried our bones.
Left them on the shoreline, by the coast.
At night we raced the moon and we lost.
But it's the taking part that counts.
Or so we thought.

Morning came and the sun rose up.
It split the sky as the clouds gave in.
Chords were strummed, drums were beat.
We sang our hearts and we stamped our feet.
Time was ours, we were free.
Against the world, just you and me.
They'll never believe you but you don't care.
They'll never believe me but i don't care.
They'll never believe us but we don't care.
If they never believe us we won't care.

Just remember one thing my friend,
That the means always justify the ends.
Track Name: L'Appel Du Vide
Took the stairs, took them step by step
Opposite direction from the rest
Ground floor, i felt someone close
Then she told me she'd always been a ghost
She told me her heart is her home
But she's scared she can't call it her own
"It's for the best that i always fear the worst"
"These four walls have always been a curse"

So we danced with the devil all night long
We danced and danced to song after song
I'd never seen that much blood before
So she's assured me there'd never be no more
She gave me wings and sat me on a cloud
She let me float home on the shadows of her doubts
Those doubts she never seems to be without
We held hands all the way
We held hands all the way
We held hands all the way and never made a sound
We never made a sound